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Oncology (Cancer) Massage

Oncology massage is a specialized massage helping people during and after cancer treatment.  At Heaven and Earth, our team of massage therapists have advanced education in understanding how cancer and its many treatments effect your body, and how to make necessary changes to provide a safe massage.

Modifying massage pressure in certain areas of your body and using specialized massage techniques help create a massage treatment that is made just for you. We have advanced training to work around port holes, healing surgical sites, and radiation sites.  The atmosphere is quiet and calm.  Gentle music and soothing lighting in your private room will help your body and mind relax.  The massage tables are very comfortable and are able to be warmed to your liking. You may be inclined, lay flat on the massage table or lay on your side.  Pillows also may be used to add additional support and comfort.  We also provide massage chairs if you are unable to lie down.

Massage appointment times range from 30 minute to 90 minute massages.  

It has been researched that massage during treatment can help minimize the following symptoms: pain, fatigue, nausea, constipation, insomnia and lessen depression.

Many doctors are very supportive of oncology massage during and after treatment.  Asking permission from your doctor to receive massage is highly recommended.  Any precautions specific to your treatment that we would need to know from your doctor is necessary in order to begin working with you.

A frequently asked question clients have is when should they have a massage.   Some of our clients who are in treatment schedule massage right before they undergo a round of chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  Others will consider having massage before surgery, to help relax any anxiety they may have.  Many clients come in 4-5 days after treatment to help manage the symptoms of chemotherapy.   It really depends on how you feel during your treatment that determines what is right for you.  Try some of these options to see what works best for you, and discuss options with your therapist if you are unsure.

Going through treatment for cancer is a commitment of doctor visits, lab tests, chemotherapy and/or radiation appointments during your week.  Receiving massage gives a welcome relief of allowing someone to care for you and provide a comforting and compassionate touch during a life changing time.

Our clients tell us this is one appointment they actually look forward to.

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